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Subversion (svn) and Eclipse

June 1, 2013

There’s no good standalone svn client in Linux.

I tried RapidSVN. It works well and support many (and almost all the more used) features and command.

Unfortunately it is bit more then a gui wrapper to svn command line program.

So I gave a try to Eclipse (Juno version. Why? Read here).

With Eclipse you have to options:

  • Subclipse
  • Subversive

I searched the Net and I have found few comparisons and reviews about them. And as usual as far as concerns relationship between Eclipse and me I understood very very very few.

So I installed the 2nd option: Subversive that can be installed directly from Juno update site.

The important thing to understand and remember is that after subversive installation svn connectors must be installed. Otherwise nothing will work.

If all goes straightforward installation process starts after Eclipse restart after subversive installation completes.

In this screen-shots sequence you can find what I did… and what must be done as my installation works.

Eclipse Subversive SVN Connectors - 1 Eclipse Subversive SVN Connectors - 2 Eclipse Subversive SVN Connectors - 3 Eclipse Subversive SVN Connectors - 4

Ah… forgot to tell that I’m in Ubuntu GNU/Linux 12.04 (precise pangolin).


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