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Check balanced double quotes…

August 19, 2015

…or any other character!

Why? Usually I have the problem that writting shell scripts I miss some double (or single) quotes.

If script is short I can easily find where the error is but with long scripts that is not easy.

So I wrote following command to find rows with odd number of double quotes.

cat -n <script> | sed -e s/'[^”]’/”/g -e s/'””‘/”/g -e s/’$’/’X’/1 | cat -n | sed -e /'[[:digit:]][[:space:]]X$’/d

Output could be:

1242    “X

Saying that row 1242 has a problem with double quotes number.

It is possible to replace double quotes in [^”] and s/'””‘/”/g with any other character you want check if it is balanced.


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